Roxana Savin

Artist statements


I have always had a fascination with the transformation that the landscape, as we commonly know it, undergoes during winter. 

By removing the distractions that normally clutter the landscape, the trace of man-made elements and preference for abstraction and simplicity of form, I aim to capture the core of the landscape, to unite metaphysical dualities including earth and sky, light and dark, mind and body. At once earthy and celestial, my series evokes an unknown and mysterious world, that hints to an infinity beyond our physical existence.

My aesthetic choice in Stillness is aimed at conveying a sense of harmony of one’s existence on both the universal and microcosmic scale, and and to provide an experience that ultimately transcends the boundaries of the purely aesthetic.

Memories of the beach

This work was motivated by a desire for memorialization of the fleeting beauty of the physical world and childhood.
I wanted to suspend the present by capturing present moments in an archetypal space where the temporal distinction between past, present and future is blurred.
In this space, the awareness of passage of time stems from reflecting on our memories of what has happened. But as the act of recording the present on camera unfolds, comes the apprehension that the perceived present is already past.
This work explores the possibility of a temporally extended present, a refuse to embrace liminality. 

Dark matter

This project is inspired by my ambivalent feelings towards water, and is a meditation on its intricate nature.

My fixation with water translates here in a series of water stills, aimed at inviting the viewer to reflect on its dual character. I see water as a source of life, deeply connected with the genesis of matter, while its infinity and darkness reminds me of the unknown, an abyss in the universe, and its limitlessness. 

By adopting the symbolism of black and emphasis on texture, I seek to evoke this ambivalence: the void, the endlessness, and an awareness of something between the real world and beyond our physical perception, that sparks the primal fear of the unknown.



Roxana Savin studied photography at Fine Art School of Photography, Moscow. 

She is currently studying for a MA Photography at Falmouth University, UK.


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Roxana Savin

Moscow, Russian Federation